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Daily Log

Daily Log: 3-20


ProMedica Bay Park Hospital

Lauren Smith, Waterville, girl, March 16.

ProMedica Toledo Hospital

Judy Emenegger, boy, March 15.

Marissa Pietszak, Toledo, boy, March 15.

Mareka Saunders, Toledo, boy, March 15.

Baylee and Joshua Krall, Toledo, girl, March 16.

Erica and Eric Grubbs, Northwood, boy, March 16.

Jessica and Rudy Moya, Sr., Toledo, boy, March 16.

Farren and Shawn Duprae, Perrysburg, boy, March 16.

Jahannah and Brandon Goehler, Wauseon, boy, March 17.

Darrichia Watson, Toledo, girl, March 17.

Amber Billian, Toledo, girl, March 18.

Mercy Health St. Vincent Medical Center

Shelby Contreras, Toledo, boy, March 16.

Shidei Harkness, Toledo, girl, March 17.

Roshaunda McNair, Toledo, boy, March 17.

Denise Townsend, Toledo, boy, March 17.

Allison and Jacob Schuller, Sylvania, boy, March 18.

Divorces granted

Lucas County

Bryon Anaya from Rebecca Anaya.

Richard Lemon II from Beth Lemon.

Sandy Ford from Raymond Ford.

Bernice Douglas from Frederick Douglas.

Michelle Kinney from Dennis Kinney.

Rachel Jones from Christopher Sinkovic.

Susan Madden from William Madden, Jr.

Rebecca Mora from Gerald Spencer, Jr.

Mario Contreras from Sara Contreras.

Anthony Devalt from Karen Devalt.

Melissa Greene from Toriano Greene.

Tiffany Eck from Christopher Eck.

Jennifer Lizcano from Frank Lizcano.

Heather Paul-Woodart from Bobby Woodart.

Alyssa Gruber from Anthony Gruber.

Joshua Dieter from Martha Dieter.

Martha Dieter from Joshua Dieter.

Delilah Lombrana from Jesus Lombrana, Jr.

Jesus Lombrana, Jr., from Delilah Lombrana.

Shannon Baumhower form Jeremy Baumhower.

Janice Davis from Eric Davis.

Timothy Earl from Ann Earl.

Ann Earl from Timothy Earl.

Patricia Conn from Fredrich Conn.

Colby Price from Kathleen Price.

Kelly Loach from Gary Loach.

Ronald Hill from Carol Hill.

Carol Hill from Ronald Hill.

Don Headley from Tarra Headley.

Michael Orth from Natalie Orth.

Gary Hattery from Amy Hattery.

Amy Hattery from Gary Hattery.

Sterling Williamson from Amber Williamson.

Amber Williamson from Sterling Williamson.

Rene Karacson from Christopher Karacson.

Debra Williams from James Williams.

Hannah Sanders from David Sanders.

David Sanders from Hannah Sanders.

Dissolutions granted

Lucas County

Todd Burke and Kimberly Burke.

Michelle Katsan and Alex Katsan.

Yorgo Katsanos from Evgeniya Katsanos.

Ryan Vicroy and Christine Vicroy.

Kevin Nycz and Angela Nycz.

Joseph Rayner and Jeri Rayner.

Matthew Krawetzke and Katty Krawetzke.


Restaurant inspections

Recently released inspection reports of Lucas County food-service operations.

No violations:

Dually’s Gastro Pub, 1917 W. Alexis, inspected March 9.

Family Dollar Stores, 1121 N. Reynolds, inspected March 9.

Burger King, 1110 W. Alexis, inspected March 9.

Old West End Academy, 3131 Cambridge, inspected March 13.

Dollar General, 324 W. Bancroft, inspected March 13.

ProMedica Health and Wellness Center, 5700 Monroe, Sylvania, inspected March 14.

Masjid Saad Foundation, 5225 W. Alexis, Sylvania, inspected March 14.

Walle Rocket’s Grill, 1901 W. Sylvania, inspected March 15.

Family Dollar Stores of Ohio Inc., 1703 Airport, inspected March 15.

Cigarette Outlet of Toledo LLC, 2620 Airport, inspected March 15.


Tim Hortons, 161 W. Dussel, Maumee, inspected March 7.  

● The cream dispenser wasn't holding the cream at the proper temperature.

● The walk-in cooler wasn't holding food at the proper temperature.

● The prep top cooler wasn't holding food at the proper temeprature.

● The rinse temperature in a dishwashing machine was not adequate to sanitize dishes and utensils.

● There was build up on the inside of the facade of the iced cappuccino machine.

● A slicer was stored in the hand sink basin.

Stop & Shop, 201 S. Byrne, inspected March 9.  

● The person in charge was unable to demonstrate proper knowledge of food safety and prevention.

● A compartment sink was not available for use because it was filled with products.

● The inside of the ice chute for Coca-Cola needed cleaning.

● Pizza tongs were sitting on a dirty paper plate.

● The hand-washing sink was not easily accessible.

Next Generation Child Care Center, 709 S. Byrne, inspected March 9.  

● Hot corn from caterer’s cambro wasn’t being held at the proper temperature.

Mayberry Ice Cream, 5645 Mayberry Square E, Sylvania, inspected March 13. 

● Equipment and other food-contact surfaces were not cleaned properly. Proper washing was reviewed.

Tim Horton’s, 1345 N. Reynolds, inspected March 13.  

● Egg circles, sausage patties, and hash browns weren’t being held at the proper temperature.

● Some opened sauce packages were not date-marked. This included one that is partly opened with a June, 2016, date from manufacturer. One of the bags was opened and also did not have date mark. (“Operator stated that this sauce is not in use at establishment. A Voluntary Destruction of Unfit Products form was filed”).

● Ice maker, ice maker scoop, and a holding tray were dirty.

● A small scoop and container for the ice bin-had dirty residue on them.

● Iced Cappuccino machine wasn’t cleaned at the required frequency schedule.

● Sanitizing wipe cloth buckets weren’t at the proper sanitizing concentration level.

Taco Bell, 3460 Airport, inspected March 13.  

● Old food residue was on the thermometer stem.

● The hand-washing sink is being used for purposes other than hand washing.

Subway, 540 S. Reynolds, inspected March 13.  

● The person in charge was unable to demonstrate proper knowledge of food safety and prevention, including cooking temperatures, using a microwave, and how to calibrate a thermometer.

● Build-up on the interior surface of the shield inside the ice machine.

● There was no sanitizer bucket set-up during inspection.

Sbarro, 5001 Monroe, inspected March 13.  

● Pasta noodles and salad mix on serving line weren’t held at the proper temperature.

● Build-up was on the shield of the ice machine and needs to be cleaned on a more frequent basis.

Mobile Meals of Toledo Inc., 2200 Jefferson, inspected March 13.  

● Food items including cut lettuce, Chicken Ala King, and brown salisbury steak gravy were not held at the proper temperature on the plating/​meal prep table.

Magic Wok, 5001 Monroe, inspected March 13.  

● Sauces on steam unit were not held at the proper temperature.

● Cooked chicken had inconsistent date markings inside the reach-in cooler.

● Food containers were cracked and/​or busted at corners.

● Hand-washing sink was being used for purposes other than hand washing.

Gas Express Sunoco, 350 W. Bancroft, inspected March 13. 

● There was no sanitizer solution setup for cleaning.

Wingate Inn & Suites, 5480 S. Main, Sylvania, inspected March 13. 

● Upper cabinets were cracked and not easily cleanable in the kitchenette area.

● A spray bottle did not have any label.

Subway, 3324 Secor, inspected March 14.  

● Person in charge did not ensure their employees are properly trained in food safety.

● There was a build-up inside of the ice machine and ice shoot of the soda fountain.

McDonald’s, 831 W. Alexis, inspected March 14.  

● Sanitizing solution for the washing machine did not meet the minimum requirements for concentration.

● Ice bucket was dirty

● There was a build-up under the coffee filter basket.

● Sticker residue was on clean containers.

● There was a build-up inside self-service fountains.

● There was a presence of possible carpenter ants leaving concrete residue by back wall.

Glendale Garden Cafe, 2521 Glendale, inspected March 14.  

● Raw shell eggs were stored above hash browns.

● Food items were not being held at the proper temperature.

● Pasta was held beyond the seven-day date-mark.

● Consumer advisory on the menu didn't properly draw attention to raw or under-cooked food items.

● The ice scoop was stored in a dirty container.

● Several spray bottles of cleaners were not properly labeled with the name of the material.

● Chemicals were stored above food items and utensils.

Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar, 6710 W. Central, inspected March 14.  

● Person in charge could not explain what the proper uses of the prep sink were used for.

● There was dirty sanitizer water in the sink.

Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar, 266 E. Alexis, inspected March 14.  

● Juice was stored in ice used for drinks at the bar.

● Reused deli paper was covering fresh rice to cool in walk-in cooler.

● Diced chicken, gravy, cooked vegetables, and other food items were not being held at the proper temperature.

● Dishwashing machines didn't have the proper concentration of sanitizer.

American Table Family Restaurant, 3026 Glendale, inspected March 14. 

● The person in charge did not ensure employees were properly sanitizing equipment or utensils.

● Beef broth was not being held at the proper temperature. Other food items weren't kept cold enough and were moved to the walk-in cooler.

● Build-up on ice scoop and ice wands.

● Hand-washing sink was being used for purposes other than hand washing.

● Two working containers of cleaning liquid were not properly labeled with the name of the material.

Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio, 1323 Champlain, inspected March 15. 

● Lunch meat and cheese sandwiches weren't held at the proper temperature.

Subway, 648 Main, inspected March 15. 

● Diced chicken wasn't held at the proper temperature.

● There was a build-up on the inside surfaces of the ice-machine and behind the ice chute on the beverage dispensing unit.

● The ice scoop was getting cleaned weekly instead of daily.

● Mice droppings were found in the facility.

Hollywood Casino-Toledo Tdr & Warehouse, 777 Hollywood, inspected March 15. 

● Some food items were date marked for eight days instead of the permitted seven days.

● There was a build-up on the ice chute on the beverage dispensing unit

● Soft serve machine wasn't being cleaned as often as required.

Barnes & Noble at University of Toledo, 1430 Secor, inspected March 15. 

● Dirt and debris was inside the ice machine chute.

● There was a build-up of debris underneath the coffee machine dispenser.

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