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Daily Log

Daily Log: 7/4



ProMedica Bay Park Hospital

Vanessa and Chris Malsch, Toledo, girl, July 2.

Crystal Bailey, Toledo, girl, July 3.

Deann and Robert Koles, Toledo, girl, July 3.

ProMedica Toledo Hospital

Jamie and Jared Kaelber, Rossford, boy, June 30.

Penni Horen, Toledo, boy, June 30.

Marriage licenses 

Lucas County

June 25, 2018

Anthony Thomas, 40, medical transportation, and Tye-Esha Gordon, 31, teacher, both of Toledo.

Jordan Cousino, 29, handyman, and Melissa Philips-Huff, 36, both of Toledo.

Jason Wren, 35, landscaper, and Sabrina Scott, 28, both of Toledo.

Shawn Burgess, Sr., 39, industrial worker, of Toledo and Patrice Daley, 36, nanny, of Nantucket, Mass.

Robert Tatum, 32, security, and Regina Dean, 27, security, both of Toledo.

Duane Woodby, 42, truck driver, and Kristi Sargent, 35, both of Toledo.

Eric Riffe, 44, and Christine Winkle, 46, manufacturing technician, both of Toledo.

Christopher Morgan, 45, welder, and Trevia Lee, 44, massage therapist, both of Toledo.

Jason Marko, 37, factory, and Rachel Whitaker, 33, biller, both of Toledo.

William Zalewski, 59, investment adviser, of Venetia, Pa., and Sandra Baldwin, 48, teacher, of Toledo.

James Mohler, Jr., 35, manager, and Mary Lewis, 24, landlord, both of Toledo.

Kenneth Fry, 35, nurse, of Toledo, and Alisha Zunk, 38, nurse, of Curtice, Ohio.

Wayne Mistiatis, 30, warehouse worker, and Jackie Tanner, 30, massage therapist, both of Maumee.

June 26, 2018

Kyle Zwyer, 30, teacher, and Cheryl Booms, 38, fund-raiser, both of Maumee.

Christopher Toda, 31, and Kendall Weis, 31, server, both of Toledo.

Nicky Michalares, 63, field service engineer, and Hope Stacker, 54, both of Toledo.

Antonio Lino, 42, laborer, and Nickolia Nolen, 33, supervisor, both of Toledo.

David Graham, 59, chef, and Christine Kilman, 52, advertising, both of Sylvania.

Samuel Hixson, 27, factory worker, and Alish Klein, 28, speech therapist, both of Toledo.

June 27, 2018

John Kelly, 30, law student, of Sylvania, and Grace Yoder, 27, speech language pathologist, of Archbold, Ohio.

Josh Bruner, 26, manager, and Evelyn Villafana, 23, process engineer, both of Toledo.

Michael Broderick, 29, carpenter, and Morgan Siler, 25, recruitment manager, both of Toledo.

Donald Carino, Jr., 37, press operator, and Ashley Lancaster, 30, X-ray technician, both of Toledo.

Andrew Venier, 25, sales representative, and Jacqueline Howard, 25, nurse, both of Toledo.

June 28, 2018

Gail Fancher, 52, claims adjuster, and Diane Street, 50, front line leader, both of Oregon.

Jacob Smith, 25, technician, of Shelby Township, Mich., and Raina Padilla, 25, barista, of Sylvania.

Bernard King, 56, assembler, and Karen Gillespie, 53, both of Toledo.

Mark Henninger, Jr., 28, sales representative, and Rachel Rynicke, 31, housekeeping, both of Toledo.

Nicholas Haubert, 31, HVAC technician, and Alexia Johnson, 30, nurse, both of Toledo.

Alexander Simpson, 22, grounds manager, and Taylor Hill, 21, medical scribe, both of Whitehouse.

Thomas Hetrick, Jr., 47, lawn and garden clerk, and Christine Dayton, 42, both of Toledo.

Amanda Wesolowski, 28, nurse aide, and Karla Koehler, 28, truck driver, both of Toledo.

Richard Aossey, 51, electrician, and Chery Horvath, 44, nurse, both of Waterville.

Timothy Hoenie, 44, dining hospitality, and Lauren Hurd, 26, art educator, both of Toledo.

Travis McGovern, 23, retail, and Allison McElfresh, 22, department manager, both of Toledo.

Dustin Schwan, 26, painter, and Sarah Pfaff, 28, administrative assistant, both of Oregon.

Matthew Alexander, 43, control room operator, and Tracy Hinen, 39, paraprofessional, both of Oregon.

June 29, 2018

Estevan Plasencio, 28, IT, and Alicia Mohr, 31, intake coordinator, both of Oregon.

Melvin Claybrooks, 28, delivery driver, and Shakedia Austin, 25, gas leak surveyor, both of  Oregon.

Jarrid Bucciarelli, 27, poker dealer, and Katie Curtis, 29, dental assistant, both of Toledo.

Christoher Gruenwald, 38, mechanical engineer, and Jenny Comstock, 32, cardiac cath lab technologist, both of Toledo.

Harold Durham, Jr., 25, tool and die, and Ashley Merritt, 26, fuel systems mechanic, both of Luna Pier, Mich.

Michael Woodard, 43, field representative, and Amy Trettin, 39, medical biller, both of Toledo.

Christopher King, 35, factory worker, and Melody Grindle, 23, both of Toledo.

Kyle Hamstreet, 32, food service sales, and Jodi Wellman, 26, graphic design, both of Toledo.

Joshua McJennett, 33, technicial support specialist, and Jessica Cline, 33, certified occupational therapy assistant, both of Toledo.

Matthew Cappelletty, 30, construction, and Elizabeth Householder, 29, accountant, both of Monclova.

Henry Walls, Jr., 29, tractor-trailer driver, and Virginia Albrecht-Martens, 28, front desk clerk, both of Toledo.

Danny Jaber, 54, airline pilot, and Rindy Retan, 26, both of Maumee.

Matthew Kohls, 31, manufacturing, and Brittany Kohl, 27, medical receptionist, both of Toledo.

Stalline Kurgat, 24, student, and Kayla Huston, 23, cashier, both of Toledo.

Brandon Derr, 28, analyst, and Lydia Sanders, 25, human resources, both of Toledo.

Matthew Trzcinski, 38, nonprofit education, and Kristen Gyori, 29, occupational therapy assistant, both of Toledo.

July 2, 2018

Michael Fink, 27, account representative, and Marissa Rohen, 24, teacher, both of Sylvania.

Joseph McCreery, 59, driver, and Cynthia Kranz, 51, safety program coordinator, both of Waterville.

David Bialorucki, Jr., 49, engineering technician, and Janet Turner, 54, project manager, both of Toledo.

Dillion Biggins, 21, and Samantha Franklin, 20, both of Petersburg, Mich.

Timothy Dever, 38, delivery driver, and Grace Stobaugh, 37, school counselor, both of Toledo.

Anthony King, 44, dispatcher, and Erica Layson, 43, nurse, both of Toledo.

Michael Smalldon, 35, security officer, and Natalie Keel, 35, nurse, both of Toledo.

Crime reports

Felonious assaults

Khari Jones, shot on Sherman at Walnut.

La’ren Watkins, shot at in 1400 block of Vance.

Daylen Neal, shot on Hill at Torrington.


Billey Finney, vehicle by two suspect with a gun in 2700 block of Broadway.

Justin Miller, cell phone and key fob by two suspects who assaulted him on Champlain at Elm.


Candi Bailey, two televisions from residence in 6100 block of Jackman.

Marsha Kliem, television from residence in 400 block of Rochelle.

Daniel Stanford, washer, dryer, and refrigerator from residence in 400 block of New York.

Glenda Cannella, no loss reported from residence in 1800 block of Finch.

Darlene Gawrons, four lawn mowers and snowblower from residence in 600 block of Geneva.

Ancil Newman, handgun from 800 block of Prouty.

Darryl Foster, television from residence in 200 block of Knower.

Robert Blevins, television and remote from residence in 1900 block of West Alexis.

Tenika Simmons, handgun from residence in 3500 block of Chase.

Allied Mask and Tooling, nickel pellets from business in 6000 block of Telegraph.

Ervin Arney, golf clubs, golf shoes, lawn mower, cell phone, snowblower, tackle box, weed wacker, and remote control from residence in 1000 block of Tecumseh.

Andrea Everitt, two bicycles, lawn vacuum, and grill from residence in 500 block of Oswald.

Patricia Filiere, air conditioner and mini refrigerator from 1400 block of North Erie.

City of Toledo Streets, Bridges, & Harbor, construction equipment from Columbus at North Summit.

Camero Neubert, no loss reported from residence in 4100 block of Lyman.

Latonya Webb, air conditioner, video game, video cartridges, television, and assorted furniture from residence in 2000 block of Balkan Pl.

Jessica Serrell, Nintendo switch from residence in 3500 block of Watson.

Cheryl Thornburgh, clothing, televisions, and laptop computer from residence in 800 block of Kingston.

Motorcycle Solutions LLC, motorcycle from business in 3500 block of Jackman.

Morgan Yeager, loss undetermined from residence in 600 block of Quaker.

Amanda Luginbuh, no loss reported from residence in 1400 block of Colton.

Christina Henry, screen from residence in 1400 block of North Huron.

Nathan Popovich, television from residence in 300 block of Marion.

Flora Doublin, loss is undetermined from residence in 300 block of East Hudson.

Kyle Omlor, no loss reported from residence in 2700 block of Algonquin.

Kellie Williamson, television from residence in 1100 block of Heston.

Kissie Brown, loss undetermined from residence in unit block of Winterfield.

Brandi Nash, clothing, television, video game, video cartridges, and video game accessories, laptop computer, and jewelry.

Jacqueline Piotro, no loss reported from residence in 300 block of Everett.

Chrysler, 184 key fobs from business in 4000 block of Stickney.

Earl Brannon, knives, jewelry, personal papers, assorted tools, CDs, lawn mower, rakes, silver coins, and safe with contents from residence in 5300 block of Rowland.

Bruce Whitney, no loss reported from residence in 2100 block of Fairfax.

Elon Bugyi, pipes from residence in 900 block of Dryden.

Jeremy Green, shoes and clothing from residence in 4700 block of Ventura.

Tom Rogers, handgun from residence in 1900 block of Chase.

Lareea Banks, no loss reported from residence in 500 block of Elmdale.

Ashley Labay, cash from residence in 1900 block of Mason.

Smitty’s Automotive, vehicle from business in 5700 block of Jackman.

Dustin Shammo, Pokemon cards from residence in 3400 block of Wyckliffe.

Deonna Young, two televisions and earrings from residence in 3300 block of Arlington.

Derek Hawkins, video game from residence in 3800 block of Hazelhurst.

Jamey Wright, generator, chain saw, power cords, and assorted tools from residence in 1200 block of Belmont.

Francois Larde, television, video game, and video cartridges from residence in 2900 block of Glanzman.

Robert Amburn, go cart and bicycle from garage of residence in 1600 block of Kelsey.

Tiffany Washington, three televisions and DVD player from residence in 1400 block of Ketchum.

Kenneth Marable, loss undetermined from residence in 1300 block of South Cove.

Lita Donald, checkbook and medication from residence in 600 block of Stickney.

Karen Callahan, loss undetermined from residence in 600 block of Stratford.

Gerald Blango, loss undetermined from residence in 800 block of Homer.

Erica Pawelczak, cash and handgun from residence in 4000 block of Burnham.

Benjamine Bowman, shoes, bottles of cologne, and medication from residence in 5400 block of Edgewater.

James Steele, no loss reported from residence in 2500 block of Vaness.

Connie Greer, no loss reported from residence in 1300 block of Fitchland.

Kaneesh Coltrane, two televisions from residence in 1300 block of North Huron.

Mesha Wiggins, two televisions and cash from residence in 1400 block of Prouty.

Ellanisha Sanders, no loss reported from residence in 1900 block of North Superior.

John Dile, cash, bank card, and cell phone from residence in1500 block of Pool.

Maria Tovar, no loss reported from residence in 3300 block of Sherbrooke.

Christopher John, television from residence in 4300 block of West Alexis.

Christina Jones, two televisions from residence in 1900 block of North Erie.

Camero Womack, video game and video controllers from residence in 200 block of 21st.

North Coast Commercial, copper wiring from 2900 block of Douglas.

Sherri Vasques, television, video game, and cash from residence in 2100 block of Stirrup.

Shabreana Poole, video game and television from residence in 800 block of Underwood.

Julia Farkas, no loss reported from residence in 1500 block of Travis.

Central Christian Church, no loss reported from church in 1600 block of Amesbury.


John Cayson, Kindle Fire tablet from vehicle in 500 block of Arcadia.

Darcorsha Sutton, air conditioner from 100 block of Rosalind.

Tild Reed, cash from 900 block of Collins.

Landri Penden, headphones, bluetooth speaker, and cell phone from residence in 5500 block of 303rd.

Juliet King, medications from residence in 2800 block of Airport.

Kristy Sanders, medication from 800 block of Buffalo.

Charles Collins, generator from home in 3700 block of Heatherbrook.

David Bragg, medication from 1200 block of North Detroit.

Precious Carter, wallet with contents from vehicle in unit block of Walbridge.

Miquel Lerma, medication and credit card from 500 block of Arden.

Joshua Bowen, handgun and computer items from vehicle in 3400 block of Christie.

Manhattan Auto, dealer plates from business in 1800 block of East Manhattan.

Krystal Reid, credit card from 900 block of Post.

Victoria Woronec, prescription medication from 4100 block of Burnham.

Onkar Sandhu, cash from 200 block of Edwin.

Francis Wazny, handgun from residence in 1500 block of Brooke Park.

Tiffany Fox, purse with contents from vehicle in 5300 block of Monroe.

Moeed Andrabi, cell phone from 600 block of Monroe.

Deontae Warren, handgun from vehicle in 6100 block of Foth.

Katrina Peterson, medication from 600 block of Locust.

Robert Smith, wallet with contents from 2000 North Ravine.

Tasha Lindsay, credit card from vehicle in 600 block of Belmont.

Christopher Ellerson, handgun from vehicle in 1400 block of Palmetto.

Millers Brothers Construction, two GPS receiver heads off construction equipment from 2200 block of Giant.

Latisha Moore, handgun from residence in 200 block of Marion.

Divorces granted

Lucas County

Julie Theroux from Robert Theroux.

Robert Theroux from Julie Theroux.

Bradley Buck from Deven Buck.

Theresa Leonard from Gregory Moore.

Teresa Palmer from Gregory Palmer, Jr.

Caprice White from Marvin White.

Alyssa Harris from Brandon Harris.

Hussein Chebli from Rowaida Matar.

Louise Miller from Mario Miller.

Selena Matthews from Jeffery Matthews.

Gina King from Kelly King.

Baylee Petrey from Michael Caskey.

John Malenda from Gillian Button.

Angie Marksch from Jeremiah Marksch.

Kristy Barrett from Daniell Barrett II.

Karen Crist from Michael Crist.

Michael Palumbo from Lisa Palumbo.

Steven Spitler from Laura Spitler.

Laura Spitler from Steven Spitler.

Jodi Morrow from Kevin Morrow.

Kevin Morrow from Jodi Morrow.

Ahlia Howard from Cornelius Howard.

Ryan Franks from Jessica Franks.

Jessica Franks from Ryan Franks.

Ghada Elmoslem from Ali Hamdar.

Ali Hamdar from Ghada Elmoslem.

Kaitlan Cavanaugh from Leon Weaks IV.

Leon Weaks IV from Kaitlan Cavanaugh.

Dissolutions granted

Lucas County

Michelle Estrel and Terrance Estrel.

Donna Steckel and James Steckel.

Niki Koepfer and Michael Koepfer.

Rachel Meredith and Derek Meredith.

Tanya Jarzynski and Joshua Jarzynski.

Amber Monroe and Tashawn Fordham.

Katharine Bernath and Brandon Bernath.

Aaron Simpson and Lynnette Simpson.

Steven Miller and Nicole Miller.

Lorianne Ryan and Sean Ryan.

Melissa Mysinger and Samuel Mysinger.

Christopher Albain and Samantha Albain.

Kelly Amstutz and Thomas Amstutz.

Blasa Campos-Palacios and Medardo Palacios.

Francis Hayes and Dan Hayes.

Ann Shousher and Gamal Shousher.

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