Daily Log: 7/11



Mercy Health 

St. Vincent Medical Center

Kelly-Erin Gill and David Harrison, Toledo, girl, July 5.

ProMedica Toledo Hospital

Krystyn and Caleb Barney, Toledo, girl, June 30.

Kristi Brashear, Toledo, boy, July 5.

Tanisha and Philip Coltrane, Toledo, boy, July 6.

Alexandra Dowell, Toledo, girl, July 7.

Kathryn and Chandler Groves, Sylvania, boy, July 7.

Melanie and John Woolwine, Toledo, boy, July 8.

Tiffanie and Jace Chavalia, Temperance, boy, July 8.

Angela and Jonathan Balla, Temperance, boy, July 8.

Caitlin Bibler, Toledo, boy, July 8.

Saturnina Garces, Toledo, boy, July 8.

Brittany and Jeremy Woernley, Curtice, Ohio, boy, July 8.

St. Luke’s Hospital

Jada Warnke, Delta, Ohio, boy, July 9.

Nikki Artiaga, Rossford, girl, July 9.

Brandy and Dereck Lang, Toledo, boy, July 9.

Crime reports

Felonious assault

Shereece Coffey-Patterson, shot at in 1600 block of Indiana.


Jessica Walker, television from residence in 1400 block of Colton.

William Rose, furnace from residence in 2900 block of Warsaw