Daily Log: 8/10

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  • Births

    Mercy Health 

    St. Vincent Medical Center

    Micaela and Todd Gage, Toeldo, boy, Aug. 6.

    ProMedica Bay Park Hospital

    Morgan and Alejandro Santibanez, Oregon, girl, Aug. 6.

    ProMedica Flower Hospital

    Amy and Jeffery Bobak, Jr., Perrysburg, girl, July 31.

    ProMedica Toledo Hospital

    Ashleigh Walloch, Wauseon, girl, July 5.

    Paige Wentworth, Napoleon, Ohio, twin girls, July 27.

    Jennifer and Craig Brodman, Carey, Ohio, girl, Aug. 1.

    Lindsey and Mickey Berce, Sylvania, girl, Aug. 2.

    Antoinette Burnley, Toledo, girl, Aug. 4.

    Mickinzie and Andrew Mehling, Sylvania, boy, Aug. 6.

    Ashley and Sam McGilvery, Waterville, boy, Aug. 7.

    Manuela Urbieta, Toledo, boy, Aug. 7.

    Kassandra Pope, Monroe, boy, Aug. 8.

    St. Luke’s Hospital

    Alena Cantrill, Toledo, girl, Aug. 8.

    Sidney Ryan, Toledo, girl, Aug. 9.

    Crystal and Rob Monaco, Bowling Green, girl, Aug. 9.

    Crime reports

    Rishea Williams, televisions from residence in 1000 block of Buckingham.

    Christopher Smith, televisions from residence in 700 block of Butterfield.

    Cindy Toda, television, video-game systems, and cell phones from residence in 400 block of Fourth.

    Dewayne Frazier, cash, jewelry, and laptop computer from 1300 block of Elmwood.

    Pat Hatzidakis, television from residence in 5900 block of Walnut Circle.

    Timothy Sumner, television, air conditioning system, and clothes from residence in 1400 block of North Erie.

    Tara Aloui, handgun and safe from residence in 1500 block of Hamilton.

    Larry Klosinski, fan from residence in 700 block of Walnut.

    Sheena Smoot, cash, jewelry, and video games from residence in 1300 block of Elmwood.

    Melonie DeMoe, televisions and video-game system from residence in 3000 block of Nebraska.

    Asia Bussdieker, nothing reported stolen from residence in 5000 block of Jamieson.

    Riskesha Carter, televisions from residence in 3600 block of Torrance.

    Jelesha Sutton, nothing reported stolen from residence in 3200 block of Maher.

    Rachel Doran, cash, digital radio, and pair of sunglasses from vehicle at Adams and North Ontario.

    Joshua Kalbfliesh, robbed of cash in 1500 block of Cherry.

    Juliet King, nothing reported stolen from residence in 3900 block of Torrance.

    Patrick Keefe, wallet and purse with contents from residence in 1100 block of Greenwood.

    Tiesha Hunt, television from residence in 600 block of Burke Glen.

    James Morse, tools and equipment from garage in 2300 block of Valeway.

    Kate Westmeyer, television from residence in 5700 block of Angola.

    Geraldine Miller, nothing reported stolen from residence in 1600 block of Indiana.

    Carlton Anderson, television and video-game system from residence in 2800 block of Airport.

    Patrick Johnson, guitar from residence in 300 block of Boston.