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Letters to the editor online edition: 3/20

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Trump is not the right man for the job

The first thing to understand is that President Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million votes. Mr. Trump claims they were fraudulent Mexican immigrant votes that made up that difference. In another country, he would have lost “the rigged election,” but due to our outdated Electoral College system he was able to squeak out a win.

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The next fact is that former President Ronald Reagan was the first to coin the phrase “Make America Great Again,” not Mr. Trump, who claims he came up with the slogan and plans to copyright it. It’s not the first time the Trump family plagiarized someone. Do you recall the speech by First Lady Melania Trump at the Republican National Convention, where she basically copied verbatim Michelle Obama’s speech?

In my opinion, Mr. Trump is leading us down a dangerous path. If you look at his healthcare proposal, it will end up hurting many of those low-income voters that voted for him.

Can anyone believe what Mr. Trump says anymore? Like Barack Obama “wire-tapped” Trump Tower? Even if Mr. Obama could “wiretap,” which would be a felony, why would he? Mr. Obama would not benefit from the outcome of the election one way or the other.

It’s the country-loving, patriotic, bipartisan Americans who are serving as the watchdogs for our democracy, not the flag waving, look the other way Trump constituents. Even the Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan will not stand up and support Donald Trump on any front.

It’s only a matter of time before Mr. Trump oversteps his bounds to find himself being impeached by a bipartisan group of conscience, patriotic, American people.


The Woodlands, Texas (formerly of Toledo)

Future of Toledo is bright

I am the grandmother of four young men who are students at St. Francis High School in Toledo. I take exception to the “no talent in Toledo” insinuation by the CEO of Hickory Farms.

These four young men are carrying a full load of study, represent their school in athletic contests, while maintaining an excellent GPA. Their parents sacrifice much to keep them in school and, in turn, expect that the investment in their futures is worth it.

Their manners and their study habits reflect the influence of the atmosphere that flows from St. Francis and gives me a belief that these same four young men are the future of Toledo. I am very proud of their parents who have made the choice to enroll them, support them and their school by being active participants in many aspects of school life.

St. Frances is a source of excellence toward the future of your fair city and deserves your support, not disdain.


Powder Springs, Ga.

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