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To the editor: Slander colors advocacy


“Too many so-called ‘advocates’ shoot from the hip without knowing the facts or understanding them,” argues Blade letter writer Fred Nofziger.


It seems that a tempest in an empty bowl is being stirred up by advocates who know little of the original incidents’ history, reasoning, protocol, or common sense pertaining to the recent resignation of a professor at Adrian College (Jan. 31, “Professor accused of sex abuse resigns”).

The professor in question was accused of, admitted, and settled accusations of sexual misconduct regarding high school girls in California 30 some years ago.

How he arrived at Adrian College and was placed on the faculty is immaterial. He has no black marks against him while at the Adrian school.

Yet at least one advocate, without investigation or common sense, calls for the resignation or firing by the college board of trustees of the current college president. That slanderous request is not only foolish, but downright ignorant.

Look at the record of the current president’s tenure at the college. No crimes reported, no cover up, no lies; just plain old-fashioned hard work in upgrading and developing a good college into an excellent educational institution.

Too many so-called “advocates” shoot from the hip without knowing the facts or understanding them. They merely parrot old lines of hate and condemnation.


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We are not numb to violence

I have to respectfully disagree with the notion that we have become numb to recent school shootings and local threats (Jan. 28, “We have become numb”).

Concerned citizens have mobilized into action against such threats. Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, a nonpartisan organization working to prevent gun violence, sprung from Sandy Hook and has flourished ever since; it has given people a place to act. And I’m pleased to share that some of its members and champions reside right here in Toledo, working to keep the discussion of gun violence front and center.

For five years now, Moms Demand Action has taken on many of these proposed strategies — it fights against the gun lobby’s agenda and has made great strides in statehouses and in business communities all over the nation. Credit and attention must be given to these successes, however small, to continue the momentum and ward off discouragement.

We must continue to talk about the issue. Our media outlets must cover the issue. Even more, we must keep acting — before it’s too late. We are not numb; numb is not an option.

Toledo Local Group Lead - Moms Demand Action

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