Toledo firefighter shows off dance moves in online video


A Toledo firefighter is being lauded for something other than his rescue skills: his dance moves.

In a video spreading quickly on Facebook on Thursday, Peris DeVohn Edwards shows off his rhythm and flow as he dances to Drake’s “In My Feelings” at fire station 25.

It’s a local take on the viral sensation known as the “In My Feelings” Challenge or the Kiki Challenge, named for the person Drake references in his lyrics.

The video opens with Private Edwards reading while leaning against a fire engine, but he puts the book down and starts to dance as the music starts. The firefighter dances across the station’s concrete floor for about 40 seconds before walking off camera with a laugh.

Private Edwards has been a Toledo firefighter for three years, department spokesman Pvt. Sterling Rahe said. Before that he was a public school teacher, and he continues to work as a substitute teacher for Toledo Public Schools.

“Peris is just a very outgoing guy,” Private Rahe said. “He has this projection about him that he brings happiness to people.”

By 3:45 p.m. Thursday the video had garnered 39,000 views and more than 1,300 shares on Facebook. More than 100 people left comments praising Mr. DeVohn for his footwork and challenging others to record their own “In My Feelings” Challenge to share.

Private Rahe said the crew at station 25 were shocked the video reached so many people Thursday.

“He kind of just did it on a whim. They never expected this to happen,” Private Rahe said.