Rossford roundabout plans remain in question


Editor’s note: This story has been updated to reflect that two funding sources rejected by Rossford voters were not intended to fund the proposed State. Rt. 65 roundabout.

The future of a roundabout planned in Rossford is once again up in the air.

Rossford City Council voted 5-1 on Feb. 13 of last year to approve a roundabout at State Rt. 65’s intersection with Lime City and Colony roads. However, Councilman Bob Densic introduced a resolution at Monday night’s council meeting to scrap all plans.

Council did not discuss Mr. Densic’s resolution during the meeting and took no action. Six audience members spoke against the roundabout, while two spoke in favor of it.

The original vote entered the city into a contract with Tetratech for $375,000, and another with West Erie Realty for $246,000 for design and project-management services. The project includes a bike path from Island View Park to All Saints Church.

Both Mr. Densic and City Administrator Mike Scott said the city is able to get out of the contracts without penalty. Mr. Scott said about 25 percent of the money has been paid to Tetratech, and none to West Erie Realty.

Before the meeting, Mr. Densic said two of the city’s four funding sources for the project are no longer available because they were rejected by voters, though Mr. Scott said those funding sources were never intended for the roundabout. 

Mr. Densic also cites safety concerns with the proposal.

“You have three business on the corner, plus residences,” he said. “You have driveways immediately at those corners. There are several residents who will lose a chunk of their front yard. If you're in your driveway, backing out onto River Road is hard as it is. With a roundabout and no stoplight stopping traffic, it's just a continuous flow, and they don't signal their intent.”

The roundabout has been estimated as a $2.5 million endeavor. Colony and Lime City do not intersect with Route 65 at right angles, and the city has long discussed options for a fix.

Councilman Robert Ruse said the community knows where he stands.

“I don't know how many different votes we've had in committee and council, but I've supported it all the way through,” Mr. Ruse said. “That's not going to change.”

Rossford is sitting on $1.2 million in grants for streets, about $650,000 of which would be allocated for the roundabout and bike path. Council voted in 2016 to borrow up to $3 million to finance various street-improvement projects.

If plans stay in place, construction would start in 2020. 

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