Cold case murder of BGSU professor highlighted by TV investigation

Dawn Glanz, 66, of Bowling Green, Ohio, died May 9, 2013.
Dawn Glanz, 66, of Bowling Green, Ohio, died May 9, 2013.

Dehan Glanz’s father, Filson, never got to see detectives solve the murder of his youngest sister, Dawn Glanz, before he died in 2016.

“We all loved Dawn, of course, but my dad took it the hardest,” Dehan Glanz said of his Aunt Dawn. “He never got to find out what happened, which was tough for him and us.”

But the true crime television show “Cold Justice” may help finally solve the 2013 cold case murder of his aunt in an episode airing Saturday on Oxygen.

“Cold Justice,” follows retired prosecutor Kelly Siegler as she and a team of crime-solving experts work with local police departments to solve cold case murders. Each episode follows a different investigation.

Saturday’s episode will focus on the life and death of professor of art Ms. Glanz, 66, a professor of art history who died May 9, 2013, at her home in Bowling Green in a homicide caused by “sharp-force injury to the scalp.”

The show’s investigative team visited Bowling Green last winter at the invitation of the Bowling Green Police Department to assist local law enforcement in a two-week investigation, said Mr. Glanz, of San Francisco.

Over a five-year period, Ms. Siegler and her team have worked with local law enforcement to investigate about sixty cold cases across the country, some of which were over twenty years old. From those investigations, the team successfully helped generate about 35 arrests and 18 convictions, as of April, 2018.

Mr. Glanz said he hopes that more circumstantial evidence from the investigation will “add up to something, if not now but in the future.

“We hope that someone out there that watches the show knows something and can come forward,” Mr. Glanz said. “That little detail could be the detail that really help us get justice for Dawn.”

The episode will air Saturday at 6 p.m. and again at 9 p.m., according to the Oxygen channel’s website.

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